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Wholesale Information

Minimum Order Requirement

Our minimum order requirement is of only $150.00. Please note that a smaller order means a higher proportionate shipping charge.

If paying by wire transfer, will cannot ship until we have received a payment. Please notify when you intend to make a payment.

Online Orders

Although we accept online retailers as resellers, we do not cover the shipping costs incurred for sending replacement items to online customers. We treat online retail stores as if they were brick and mortar retail stores with on-site customer service. Similarly, we do not ship replacement products to the customers of our resellers directly. 

Selling On Online Retail Platforms

We reserve the right to sell our products on online retail platforms such as Amazon. Your resale privileges could be removed and your account deleted if you sell on any unauthorized platform. Please make sure you ask if the platform you want to sell on is authorized before placing an order.

International Retailers

Retailers from around the world can apply to register as a retailer, however our advantageous shipping rates only apply to orders shipping to Canada and the USA. You will need to have your own UPS, FedEX or DHL account in order to be able to have your products shipped to you in an international location. Please note that we do not pack and weigh shipments ahead of time in order to let you choose the cheapest shipping option.


Orders shipped to countries within the European Union are subject to the 21% tax we are liable to return to the Belgian government where our administrative address is located. Orders shipped to international destinations are not taxable by Mama Mundo Inc. Shipping and handling charges are subject to the same applicable tax rates.